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Divorce Mediation

As a mediator who is also a practicing family law lawyer, I have the expertise to help you and your spouse reach a principled settlement on a wide range of issues. I act as a neutral third party to help you and your spouse discuss and decide issues related to parenting your children, division of family property, child support and spousal support. We will talk about the law that applies to separating couples in Ontario. We will work together to develop viable options for settlement, and you and your spouse will make the decisions that work best for your family.

Divorce mediation works well when:

  1. you and your spouse have fairly equal bargaining power and do not need your lawyers present at every session,
  2. you can both express your wishes and goals without fear of retaliation,
  3. you are not worried about capitulating under pressure from your spouse,
  4. you have a lawyer available to you in between mediation sessions, to provide legal advice advice as required, and
  5. both spouses are prepared to obtain independent legal advice from a lawyer before signing a separation agreement.